Will the real flat white please stand up?

We just picked up Aimiya and Akari from SFO yesterday. We told them about our blog “how to make a Flat White at home” – inspired by our skype call with them a month ago. Just then I noticed both of them were wearing flat white shoes! It’s so funny that it inspired me to write this blog, “Will the real Flat White please stand up”?

Flat white ballet shoes

History says ballet flat shoes were popular back in the sixteen century. Ballet shoes have thin heels, almost no heels from the naked eyes. They went out of fashion in the 17th and 18th century – in favor of the high-heeled shoes. It was in the 50’s two famous celebrities brought ballet flat back to popularity.

  • The fashion icon Andrey Hepburn; wore ballet shoes with cigarette pants in Funny Face.
  • The beautiful French actress Brigitte Bardot wore a pair of Repetto’s flat – that transformed a pair of dance shoes to fashionable wearables. The iconic Brigitte ballerinas are still in fashion till this date.
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Flat white sheets


I like flat white sheets. Most of us think of flat white sheet is the top sheet on the bed and a fitted sheet goes to the bottom.

Do you know that in some countries in the Far East (e.g. China, Indonesia), there is no top sheet – they use a flat or fitted sheet for the bottom; a duvet or a blanket on the top.

Flat white cups

We see flat white paper cups used as containers to hold beverages to go – they usually have lids. Do you know that paper was invented in the Imperial China back in 2nd century BC?

What about the flat white cappuccino cups? They are usually made of porcelain and they come with saucers. We know cappuccino is originated from Italy. But do you know that porcelain-ware existed in China back in 1600 – 1046BC?

Flat white paint


“Flat” is one of the paint sheen options, the other two are eggshell and satin. Flat sheen has more of a matte finish, a great choice for a top coat of paint.

Flat White coffee


Flat White, an espresso beverage, carries attributes from latte and cappuccino, some may say it’s a hybrid of both.

A Flat White is 2-shots of espresso with steamed milk, not frothed.

Last question, will the real Flat White please stand up?